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Funding My Account


Funding My Account

1.  What options do I have to fund my account?

You may fund your Vicus 24/7 account via an established bank account or by transferring assets from a money market sweep within an existing investment account.  At this time, Vicus 24/7 is not able to transfer assets “in kind” that are currently invested in securities.  If you intend to fund your account with assets from an existing investment account, you must liquidate assets invested in securities into a money market sweep prior to opening a Vicus 24/7 account.  During the account opening process you will be asked to provide the name or ticker symbol of the money market sweep in which your assets are being held prior to transfer. Please contact your financial advisor or the custodian of your existing account for assistance with liquidation. 

2.  What is the minimum amount required to fund my account?

The minimum dollar amount to open an account with Vicus 24/7 is $2,500.

3.  How long does it take to fund my account?

On a best-efforts basis, TD Ameritrade has a cutoff for same day account opening processing of 3PM ET.  Depending on how your Vicus 24/7 account is funded, funding time can vary.  If you are funding your account from an established bank account, the timing will depend on the transfer from your financial institution.  If you are funding your account from an existing investment account, timing will be predicated on the liquidation of your invested securities into a money market sweep.  Typically, the account opening and funding process can be completed in approximately 3-4 business days.

4.  Can I make deposits to and withdrawals from my account?

Yes, you can make deposits to and withdrawals from your Vicus 24/7 account.  After your account has been opened and funded, you may make on-demand deposits or withdrawals and also establish recurring transfers. To make a deposit or withdrawal, click on the "Account" tab and then click on the "Transfer Money" section.  Enter the required information related to the amount of the transfer and banking instructions.  Here, you also have the opportunity to establish recurring transfers.

5.  Can I trade my account once it has been funded?

Accounts you open with Vicus 24/7 are professionally managed by a team of portfolio managers and investment analysts at Vicus Capital, an innovative investment management firm headquartered in State College, PA.  Professional oversight and management of your account are included in the annual advisory fee.  Allowing investors to trade their accounts would be counterproductive to the team’s goal of meeting the portfolio objectives and those of the investor indicated during the account opening process.

Vicus Capital advisory fees and account minimums are subject to change. Vicus Capital will provide 30 days notice in the event of a change in advisory fee. Trading costs, brokerage charges and fund management fees/expenses are determined by third parties. Vicus Capital is not responsible for fluctuation of fees charged by third parties. However, if possible, Vicus Capital will provide updated fee information. Any modifications to account minimum requirements will be made at the discretion of Vicus Capital.